NORSAAC Supports DOVVSU to Organize School Outreach on Gender base sexual violence in schools

As an empowerment for change organization focusing on women and young people, a partnership was established with DOVVSU to provide well packaged information of sexual and gender based violence to pupils in the operational districts. In order for them to know their sexual rights as well as provide a channel to report abuse cases. Together we carried out school sensitizations in 5 Junior High schools and interacted with young people in the same communities, from 4 districts under the Youth Empowerment Access and Service (YEAS) Sexuality project, funded by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU).

This was a need identified by the teachers from these schools on the lack of knowledge from their pupils with regards to the following issues: sex, sexual abuse and its effects, sexual harassment, crime, force marriage, how to report crime, who a child is by law, crimes that affects children, crimes with punishment and perpetrators of crime. The decision was therefore to inform and educate them to resist and report cases of sexual abuses and violence in the districts and region at large. There was emphasis on sexual abuse and crimes with regards to ones sexuality.

A total of about 480 students, 24 teachers were informed and educated on the topic during the outreach.

The pupils were so happy with what they had learned and this triggered them to ask questions to clarify some actions and attitudes advanced on them by community members, teachers and even parents.  Some of pupils comments are shared below:

“I think force marriage is a sexual abuse. Our parents give excuses that they give out their daughters for marriage to prevent unwanted pregnancies and shame, which is not true.
“When should crime be reported”?

“We get information about our sexuality from our peers. E.g. when you complain of having wet dreams to a peer, they will advise you to go and have sex it will stop”.

“I will be happy if you enhance education to parents and households”

These and even more issues currently exist in our schools, communities, workplaces and even our homes and yet, we shy away from discussions on sexuality with our children, families and colleagues. Change needs to happen NOW! Join to fight sexual abuse and forced marriages.

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