USAID Accelerating Social and Behaviour Change Communication (ASBC)

The USAID’s Accelerating Social and Behavior Change Activity (ASBC) is a five-year (5) $29.1million project, implemented by a consortium of FHI 360 (the prime partner), Norsaac, Savannah Signatures, Mullen Lowe, and the Ghana Community Radio Network(GCRN). ASBC continues USAID’s long investment in the Ghana Health Service (GHS). ASBC will enable Ghana’s Health Promotion Division (HPD) to achieve its Strategic Objective to “lead SBC efforts using tested mass media and community engagement tools,” and to “magnify Communicate for Health learnings” whereby target populations (women of reproductive age, newborns, children <5, adolescents/youth <25) “sustainably adopt healthy behaviors and practices, including timely use of health services and products” (ASBC Goal) across multiple health areas nationally and in 17 zones of influences of the Northern Ghana –where the most severe health disparities persist.

Currently, the uptake of key SBC messages by target Ghanaians populations remain inconsistent and particularly concerning (e.g., poor <5 nutrition and high maternal mortality). Within this context, preliminary evidence of COVID-19’s (COVID) impact suggests diminished access to, demand for, and delivery of health services linked to complex behaviors and social norms. Behavior change must be adapted to these and other environmental shifts – presenting a natural place to stop and reconsider this unique opportunity for HPD to modernize (including the use of ICT tools), expand SBC programming and research, and re-examine behavioral study findings captured before the pandemic that informed HPD and ASBC behavior change goals. It is in this dynamic environment that ASBC will operate and support HPD to achieve results. With proactive and meaningful participation from target community populations across life stages, and by applying participatory community engagement and human-centered design (HCD) principles, the ASBC strategy will be to co-create, co-implement, and co-monitor every activity with HPD.

Project Result Areas:


  • Result 1. GOG leads, harmonizes, & manages effective SBC programs at all levels
  • Result 2. Communities demand, identify, & implement practical solutions to address barriers to healthy behaviors & practices
  • Result 3. Private sector promotes healthy behaviors & practices to support public health agenda

Norsaac’s role: Norsaac is responsible for the achievement of result 2. The organization will lead community mobilization and engagement of district structures and communities and will be held accountable for achieving coverage in each of the 17 districts and for progress in achieving measurable behavior change, leading local capacity building efforts and sub awardee management.

Duration: December 2021 to November 2026

Donor: USAID

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