Norsaac and Oxfam have over the past years developed common approaches to address issues of economic and social justice focusing on ways to deliver an empowered civil society, especially women and youth, actively advocating for progressive taxation and pro-poor spending in dialogue with government and private sector. This was aimed at increasing investment in public quality education, job creation, health and social protection thereby reducing poverty and inequality in Ghana.

The Citizens for Domestic Revenue Mobilisation (C4DRM) in Zabzugu and Sagnarigu Districts for 2years. The project birthed innovative ideas such as youth-led local revenue mobilization, automation of the revenue mobilization processes, linking government support programs to local revenue payments, among others that require scaling up. The project also documented policy gaps in domestic revenue mobilization, management, utilization, and accountability that needs further actions on. The experience from previous engagements and actions requires strategic shift in minimizing the filling of gaps and focusing on the local level to a more expanded approach to influencing systemic changes at various levels of revenue mobilization and utilization.

C4DRM project seeks to have;

  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue and concrete evidence-based policy proposals leads to progressive policy changes in DRM from extractive industries and other sources for pro-poor public spending in Ghana.
  • Effective citizens ‘engagement and civil society action on progressive DRM from extractive industries and other sources to support investments in pro-poor public spending on e.g. quality education and youth empowerment.
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