Call for Local Music Video Producer

Project Description/Background

Enough! is one of Norsaac’s project designed by Oxfam-IBIS and consortium partners to create an enabling environment for girls and women to know, claim and exercise their rights to end sexual and gender-based violence in Mali, Liberia and Ghana.  The project further seeks to address some of the causes of SGBV against women through its PS-VSLA concepts since poverty is one of the main causes of SGBV. Among its objectives are;

  • Women and Girls actively participate in policy reforms and Decision-Making processes.
  • Survivors have access to gender-sensitive justice including legal advice and support, access to quality health and other services and support such as safe spaces, and crisis counselling.
  • Men and boys challenge negative masculinity that reinforces and normalizes the use of violence against women and girls.


Scope of work

A consultant is needed to produce a high quality, full-color music video of the enough! song released in 2019. This high-quality video should portray the various capabilities of women and girls in male dominated fields (breaking gender job stereotypes), explain the challenges women and girls face in their daily endeavors because of their gender, and results of supporting women and girls to realize their full potential. It should also clearly show issues of SGBV and its forms against women and girls across their various age groups (adolescence through to adulthood) in a variety of professions. The video should also reveal the various reporting mechanisms and justice systems in the event of being abuse due to their gender.

The consultant should be mindful that the video will be used greatly as a tool to raise awareness on SGBV, its forms, the main victims, reporting channels/contacts and further build a culture of ending all its forms.




The video production consultant will be responsible for the following;

  • Create script and content to match the enough! project/song
  • Review all relevant information and consult with relevant officers involved in the enough! project to get a better understanding of it (project).
  • Submit an implementation plan of the work to be undertaken
  • Review the visual identity, creative brief and draft script to ensure a clear understanding of: the message needed; Who is the target group or audience are; what are the key issues/challenges; what are the solutions the audience will understand by watching the video; what makes the message unique.
  • Upon approval of the script, present Norsaac with draft final script.
  • Review music video with project staff before final editing.


Expected Deliverables

Deliverables Estimated time/deadline
Development of video script 7th August, 2021
Review of script with project team 9th August 2021
Presentation of final video 20th August 2021


Institutional Arrangement:

The consultant will work under the supervision of Norsaac’s Communication Manager and in close collaboration with the Enough! project Manager.

The service provider will be responsible for providing his or her own working video equipment (i.e. laptop, internet, camera, tripod, specific software, etc.) and materials that will enhance the video.




Must display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Treats all people fairly without favoritism.

Should be able to promote the vision, mission and safeguarding policies of Norsaac.



Ability to produce a high-quality standard video

Must be ready to respond to positive feedback

Able to work with the following female artistes;

  • Amie
  • Diva 1
  • Memunatu Lardi
  • Reka J
  • A.J Sugar
  • Etornam

Include a budget and locations to shoot the Video!

Submit your letter of interest on or before 6th August, 2021:

P. O. Box TL 2425, Tamale. Email:

or contact the team on 0501303001 / 0501487882 / 0501585328.

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