Enough! (“Disag’ya”)

Enough! project is designed by Oxfam IBIS and consortium partners to create an enabling environment for girls and women to know, claim and exercise their rights. The project leverages on empowering women and girls economically as strategies to  End Sexual and Gender-based violence in Ghana.

Objectives include:

  • CSOs and communities are equipped to implement, monitor and evaluate violence against women and girls’ including developing community action plans and implement advocacy actions
  • Public-private institutions and other multi-sectoral stakeholders demonstrate their commitment towards the prevention of VAWG; protection for survivors; investigation and prosecution of cases; punishment/rehabilitation; and provision of reparation/redress
  • Women and Girls actively participate in policy reforms and Decision-Making Processes
  • Survivors have access to gender-sensitive justice including legal advice and support, access to quality health and other services and support such as safe spaces, and crisis counselling
  • Men and boys challenge negative masculinity that reinforces and normalizes the use of violence against women and girls
  • Gender equitable social norms, attitudes, and behaviours are adopted and sustained at the community and individual level.
  • Local women’s groups initiate and conduct income-generating activities for the empowerment of their members to combat SGBV.

Enough project is implemented by Norsaac in Northern and Savanna regions in six communities across two districts (Sawla-Tuna-Kalba and Zabzugu districts) and Tamale Metropolis.

Donor: Oxfam / IBIS

Project Duration: 3 years

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    We're located at Shishegu Residential Area, Nyankpala Road. Sagnerigu District Assembly Junction, Tamale-Northern Region


    +233-(0) 37 202 7029

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    Advancing women’s human rights

    Healthcare, rehabilitation & awareness

    Building feminist leadership

    Expanding reproductive freedoms

    Education programmes

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