Let the Girls Smile: Say No to Child Marriage is a child protection project that aims to eliminate child marriage practices in thirty communities throughout the Tolon and Mion districts of Ghana’s Northern Region.


The project takes a two-fold approach to advocacy with implementation being done at both the school and community level. At the school level, Children Against Child Marriage (CCMs) clubs have been developed and each member has participated in educational trainings to build understanding on child marriage issues. The CCM’s have become a United front advocating amongst peers and using existing clubs and structures to campaign against child marriage. Currently, CCMs have been created in 30 Junior High Schools throughout the two districts, 15 in Tolon and 15 in Mion, with each club containing fifteen members.


At the community level traditional leaders, religious leaders, and community members have been engaged to help support the fight against child marriage practices. Sensitizations have been carried out within the implemented communities to enhance individual and community knowledge on issues and dangers surrounding child marriage.


Additionally, the Let the Girls Smile: Say No to Child Marriage (LEGS) Project has formed a child marriage consortium with the Domestic Violence  & Victim support Unit (DOVVSU), The Department of community development, the Department of Social Development and Department of Children. This strategically puts mandatory state institutions at the helms of child marriage elimination.


Furthermore, NORSAAC has been recognised for its work in fighting child marriage in the Northern Region and has been called on to intervene and mitigate the potential threat of child marriage and exchange marriage. These cases have  successfully been resolved and continue to be closely monitored.


Moving forward, the LEGS project will continue to mobilize CCM’s, community structures, and other public structures to build a network of campaigners against Child marriage in the two districts.


This project is funded by UNICEF and implemented by NORSAAC.


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