NORSAAC in collaboration with Axis a Danish NGO won the Innovative Sexuality Education Project phase 3 approved by DANIDA in March 2016 and started in April, 2016. This project will thus focus on helping Ghana Education Service (GES) implement Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools throughout the region. The project has a goal of Young people (aged 12-25) in Northern Region, Ghana have adequate knowledge and exercise their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Project Objectives
• By 31st March 2019, Comprehensive Sexuality Education is implemented and taught in schools in all districts in Northern Region, Ghana, using the SRHR model .
• By 31st March 2019, the Council for Tertiary Education in Northern Region has acknowledged the need for CSE and is prepared to include it in teacher-training colleges.


The ISEP III project staff will train GES staff (Training Officers, Guidance & Counsellors and Girl Child Officers from now on simply called CSE Training Specialists) on CSE implementation and training. The CSE Training Specialists are all employed in these roles by GES at district and regional levels. The GES Regional Director, who supports the work and has instructed the Districts to implement CSE have committed to the project.Circuit Supervisors (already employed as supervisors by GES) will complete most of the monitoring in the schools along with their usual monitoring and supervising.


The project staff will throughout the project focus on supporting GES staff. The GES staff will, together with the ISEP staff, implement CSE by training ToT’s, who will do the actual implementation in schools. All staff will be funded by GES. At the end of this project, ISEP’s involvement in schools and in districts will have ended, while CSE will have been implemented throughout Northern Region.


Work in Teacher-Training Colleges:
Alongside this work, the project will use already developed materials to test out and implement CSE in two TTCs in Northern Region. The students here will test out the material leading to them advocating TTAG (a student organisation) and student leaders of the TTC, the colleges as well as the Council for Tertiary Education for CSE to be included in their training.


The project will work with the Council for Tertiary Education to develop and approve an action plan towards CSE implementation in TTCs.

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