The Live Tomorrow Today (LiToTo) project seeks to put the future of young women and girls in their own hands by supporting girls and women groups to be consciously and actively involved in decisions that affect their lives. The project recognizes the existence of vibrant women/girls’ groups and therefore seeks to support these groups to become bold change makers.

When it comes to harmful practices, SGBV and unintended pregnancies, adolescent girls and young women are greatly affected but their experience and voice are often not heard or considered.

As a result, women and girls are subjected to forced/child marriages, teenage pregnancies, STIs, higher rates of school dropout resulting in limited economic opportunities and income, among other issues as consequences of their abused rights and limited space for them to participate in key spaces of decisions and power.

The project harnesses the potential of young women and girls between the ages of 16yrs to 24yrs from various Girls’ clubs, groups, networks, or movements from the three regions of the North to form a formidable group referred to as the Girls’ Council Advisory Body (Girls-CAD). These will contribute to;

  • strong structure of girls influencing girls programming and decision making
  • Girls develop a workable plan to influence their representation, participation, and influence in Norsaac and other platforms

Girls and female youth increase confidence, speaking skills and achievable goal setting.


These networks are safe spaces and other support mechanisms for abused women and girls to seek solace and reassurance.

Women and girls’ groups have made positive thrives in promoting rights, economic opportunities, leadership, reformation of thoughts and the general empowerment of women and girls, especially girls in underserved and deprived communities.


Project Duration: 1 year

Donor: EMpower


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    We're located at Shishegu Residential Area, Nyankpala Road. Sagnerigu District Assembly Junction, Tamale-Northern Region

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    Advancing women’s human rights

    Healthcare, rehabilitation & awareness

    Building feminist leadership

    Expanding reproductive freedoms

    Education programmes

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