Story by:  Abdallah Hamza (SRHR Unit, Karaga zone)

In order to enhance and improve the visibility of the SHOW project, Mural Paintings are one of the activity options. A mural painting is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or any permanent surface. These paintings are to be executed on vantage points in the communities such as market squares or popular joints/common grounds which is visible to both community members and passersby. The main object of the activity is to encourage and instill positive behavioral changes among community members (Behavioral Change Communication).

Prior to the paintings, community members made up of some volunteers and Community Health Committees suggested themes of their choices to be painted in their communities. Volunteers further indicated their chosen themes during a Growth Monitoring and Promotion training in a form of writing to be developed into a drawing. The following were some of the chosen themes; a man accompanying the wife to a weighing session, a man carrying the wife to health facility for ANC, a man sharing household chores with the wife etc. The paintings were done in Karaga and Mamprugu Moadugri Districts.

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