The Power to You(th) Programme connects Ghana to 6 other implementing countries with a strong focus on southern leadership and a principle of co-creation. In co-creating the programme at the country level, varied strategies were used to scope the context, map out key stakeholders to support the program.
Based on the context of the implementing areas, the Ghana Power to You(th) program focuses on the following key areas;
• Teenage pregnancy
• Child marriage
• Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
• Kayayei (girls head porters)
• Adolescent economic empowerment – linkages to government and CSOs (including implementing partners) on-going economic empowerment programs for adolescents
• Gender job stereotyping
• Unpaid care work – as part of the inter-generational dialogue strategy
• Gender transformative families, communities and governance systems

The programme has four pathways;

Pathway 1: Strengthen youth to claim civic space
Young people (a substantial percentage of the population) have agency and ability to engage in decision-making processes and use their substantial potential to challenge and break existing power dynamics.
Pathway 2: Strengthen Civil Society
CSOs have the capacity to claim, protect, and expand the civic space at the (sub)national level, with connections to the global level.

Pathway 3: Changing social norms
For the Ghana program, the outcome is to have “Influential societal actors advocate for, challenge, counter restrictive social norms and mobilize a critical mass that becomes influential enough for a community to change its practices”.

Pathway 4: Policies and policy implementation
State actors recognize Young People’s rights, including their right to participate in decision-making, and the importance of eradicating the key issues.

The programme has four partners with Norsaac leading as partner A.

Project Duration: 5 years (2021-2025)
Donor: Rutgers

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