Power to You(th) – PtY

The Power to Youth Program connects Ghana to 6 other implementing countries with strong focus on southern leadership and a principle of co-creation. With active involvement in developing and shaping the TOC of the global program, the program team in Ghana contextualized the TOC to reflect
realities of youth and Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). In co-creating the program at country level, varied strategies were used to scope the context, map out key stakeholders who could support the program at different levels and of course possible impediments to execution of
the program.

Through brainstorming and review of existing and emerging program, the stakeholders birthed an overall outcome for the Ghana program for strengthening CSOs as a process towards ensuring that the youth can be strengthened to claim and exercise their rights in civic spaces. Again, strengthened Youth and CSOs can affect gender transformative actions in changing unfavourable social norms and impacting on the policy space. This was in line with the global vision of the program that Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) from underserved communities make informed choices, enjoy their sexuality, and are free from harmful practices in gender-equitable and violence-free societies.

The project has three (3) key focus areas.

  • Harmful Practices (Unpaid care work, disempowering gender roles, kayaye, gender job stereotyping etc)
  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence (Female Gentile Mutilation and Cutting (FGMC), child marriage and adolescent prostitution)
  • Unintended Pregnancies (teenage pregnancy, unprotected sex, child neglect)

Pathways to Implementation

Pathway 1: Strengthen youth to claim civic space

Pathway 2: Strengthen Civil Society

Pathway 3: Changing social norms

Pathway 4: Policy and policy implementation

Project Areas: 36 communities in the Northern, North East, Upper East, Savanna and Greater Accra Regions

Project Duration: 5 years

Project Partner/Donor: Rutgers International

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    We're located at Shishegu Residential Area, Nyankpala Road. Sagnerigu District Assembly Junction, Tamale-Northern Region


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    Advancing women’s human rights

    Healthcare, rehabilitation & awareness

    Building feminist leadership

    Expanding reproductive freedoms

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