Sustainable Empowerment for Peace Project (SEPP)

Ghana has always been described as country of peace, but then the country has experienced the occurrence of violence, with nature ranging from ethnic, religious, economic, and political. The last few decades have witnessed a lot of violent conflicts throughout Ghana. Most of these conflicts have a long history and they keep resurfacing all the time thereby creating conflict zones all over the country. For instance, 70 out of 100 chieftaincy and ethnic disputes in Ghana are recorded in Northern Region – Abudu and Andani royal gates of the Yendi skin; the Bimbila conflict, and the Gushiegu conflict.

Operational Areas 

The SEPP project focuses on sustaining the peace in Kpatinga in the Gushegu Municipality, Yendi, Tolon, Nantong and Karaga as well as working with district and regional stakeholders in the Northern Region such as the Northern Regional Peace Council among others.

Project Target:

Violence is normally created by the youth, and mostly incited by their leaders. Therefore, the  youth chiefs and women champions the activities in order to achieve a greater reach. As such, the project targets Youth (who are often at the center of conflict) and Women groups (often the vulnerable) with increased numbers in terms of youth and women participationleveraging on experiences and improvement in programming based on the previous challenges to ensure a collective achievement of peace across the implementing districts.


Peace campaigns 

Stakeholders including women, youth, traditional and religious leaders jointly acting as key peace campaign activists by launching some media programmes across the various levels. Short videos, jingles and flyers to feature prominent and key stakeholders, women, and youth in implementing communities/district/region developed and disseminated through various outlets (radio, TV, print media). 

Build/enhance skills and capacity  

In order to turn conflict into a positive growth output and reduce its destructiveness and frequency, the project enhances the capacity of women and the youth with knowledge and skills on negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration skills. Also, stakeholders, youth chief, women, youth and their networks are empowered with non-violence communication skills to reduce negative utterances.  

Dialogue and Reflection Sessions 

Through an innovative “youthatalk” platform at the community, district and regional levels, the collective strength of the youth is harnessed to promote issues from community “youthatalks” for the attention and action of district and regional stakeholders. Women and youth actively participates and contribute in all dialogues. 

Project Duration: One year

Donor / Partner: OXFAM


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    Advancing women’s human rights

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