The  PASS Project seeks to ensure that adolescent girls (10-19) at risk or affected by Child Marriage in program areas are empowered with the relevant knowledge, skills and networks to build confidence, make informed decisions, express their voices, and access services and community support to prevent and respond to Child Marriage.


The Project responds to the following outcome areas of the Global Program to accelerate Action to End Child Marriage in Ghana:

  1. Outcome 1: Adolescent girls at risk of and affected by child marriage are better able to express and exercise their choices
  2. Outcome 2: Families and communities demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors toward investing in and supporting adolescent girls
  3. Outcome 3: Relevant sectoral systems deliver quality and cost-effective services to meet the needs of adolescent girls
  4. Outcome 4: Government and partners support the generation and use of robust data and evidence to inform policy and programming, track progress and document lessons.



  • Adolescent Girls Safe spaces
  • Adolescent Boys Safe spaces
  • Gendered Model Households
  • Time with Adolescent Sessions(ASRH Focused)
  • DONOR/PARTNER: The Promoting adolescent safe spaces Project is being funded by the UNFPA-UNICEF Global Joint program to accelerate Action to End Child Marriage in Ghana.
  • TARGET BENEFICIARIES: Adolescent Girls 10-19years
  • PROJECT DURATION: 2019-2021

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