The Youth Empowerment for Access and Service (YEAS) project is committed to improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people (10-24 years of age) in the northern region of Ghana. Specifically, YEAH implementation takes place in four northern districts; Tamale Metropolis, Central Gonja, Kumbungu and Mion


The design of the project was based on a framework of enhancing the capacity of young people, creating an enabling environment where stakeholders acknowledge and respect the SRHR needs of young people, and facilitating the availability of quality Sexual Rights and Reproductive Health services.


Project Objectives:

  • Improve access to quality and SRHR for young people in the 3 districts and metropolis.
  • Improve support for SRHR activities in the participating communities and key stakeholders such as parents, traditional and religious leaders and decision makers.
  • Increase access to quality SRHR services for young people in the 3 districts and metropolis.


To date, YEAS has had much success achieving these objectives. Some highlights of that success have been;

  • The establishment of a youth friendly service centre which allows young people to access sexual reproductive health services in the Kumbungu District
  • The training of 120 Community Advocacy Group members on Advocacy, Communication & Negotiation Skills
  • The distribution of 12,000 condoms in the 4 project districts
  • And refresher training of 60 peer educators on SRHR education for information dissemination.


Furthermore, YEAS has trained 100 teachers, 4 G&C coordinators, 4 girl-child education officers and 4 GES Directors on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights education. The project has also reaches out to 1800 parents, traditional & religious leaders regarding the need for open discussion on SRHR issues in communities.


The YEAS project, which was developed in partnership with the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) and funded by the Swedish International Development Corporation (SIDA), is now in its third and final year of implementations.  In 2016, YEAS will strive to continue to meet these project objectives and provide a safe, knowledge driven, space for today’s youth in regards to Sexual reproductive health rights and services.


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