NORSAAC is an empowerment for change organization committed to women and young people in Ghana’sNorthern Region.

Dedicated to championing an improved quality of life for empowered women, youth, and marginalized groups asserting their rights, NORSAAC actively engages in community and policy-based work in the following four areas: Sexual Rights and Reproductive Health, Gender and Governance, Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development, and Education.



Our Approach to 
Empowerment for Change

NORSAAC works closely with communities, community structures, and target groups to empower individuals in asserting their rights through increasing their knowledge-base and widening the depth of information made accessible.


The organization further engages these groups, along with additional stakeholders, to influence community-level change. These changes come in the form of: 1) provision of quality services; 2) altering community norms, beliefs and practices; and, 3) influencing gatekeepers of the decision-making process in homes, communities and formal structures.  NORSAAC commits itself to these changes in so to recognize the rights of women and youth who participate in decision-making processes that directly affect them as individuals.


NORSAAC works in collaboration with government and non-government stakeholders to influence policy change in favor of those negatively affected. Through the organization's direct work with communities and districts throughout the northern region, it is able to identify gaps in policy, or policy inefficiencies, that are affecting this target group.


For an in-depth look into the work that NORSAAC is conducting, please explore the Programmes area of the website.


A society in which every person enjoys their rights and lives a life of dignity.



To work with communities and community-based structures and liked-minded organizations to build the capacities of community members and affected groups to demand their rights and live a life of dignity.


Core Values 

Commitment to the poor, the underprivileged, the marginalised, the handicapped and People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs).


Belief in social justice and in carrying out this philosophy, we work to ensure equal opportunities for all irrespective of sex, colour, ethnicity, age, religion and race.


Mutual Respect
Value and regard for all people equally and acting in a way that respects the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person; the needy, donors, staff and their families, Board members, partners and volunteers


We accept the obligation of joint participation, a shared goal and mutual accountability that our partnership requires. We recognize our beneficiaries as key partners at all levels and will, at all times, be guided by the relationship especially in signing contracts with donor partners.


Willingness and readiness to take intelligent and calculated risk and to act quickly with experience and sensitivity to what the situation requires. We also recognise the contributions of the poor and disadvantaged, the needy and PLWHAs


Gender Sensitivity
The organisation in all its dealings will respect involvement of all sexes. It shall promote inclusion, participation and voice. Management and Board would also be constituted with consideration for gender equality and equity.

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    We're located at Shishegu Residential Area, Nyankpala Road. Sagnerigu District Assembly Junction, Tamale-Northern Region

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