The Young Urban Women: Life choices and Livelihood Project  phase II (YUWP II) builds on the gains of the phase one where the capacity of 1,000 YUW were build and their solidarity used to effect key changes in the areas of; women unpaid care work, women access to Sexual Reproductive Health services/information and young women access to decent work.


The phase two of the project starting January 2016 focuses on three major issues; YUW movement, skills training and capacity building.


Project Outcomes

  • Outcome 1: 480 young women leaders across three countries will have the advocacy and campaigning knowledge and skills to demand and negotiate for their rights to decent work, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), and the recognition of and reduction of unpaid care work with elected representatives at local and national levels.


  • Outcome 2: At least one organization in each country (worker’s association/trade union/policy making body) will propose the incorporation of the young women’s demands around decent work, unpaid care work (UCW) or SRHR into their policies.


  • Outcome 3: Young women’s demands for an integrated approach that recognizes inter-linkages between SRHR, UCW and decent work will gain greater recognition and consensus from civil society organizations (CSO’s) and the UN at the national and international levels.


  • Outcome 4: 2,000 young urban women will develop their own movement in Ghana, and 100 YUW in India and 100 in South Africa will join existing alliances and movements, in order to influence the political discourse on decent work, SRHR and UCW.
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